You've heard it all before, 
don't do SEO, ... do it, build links, ... don't, you need a site, ... no one looks at that stuff, blah, blah, blah.  

Well, I'm going to put all of that to rest. 

The truth is, there really is only one way people find the information they need. 
They search for it. 
You do it. I do it. We all do it.  Every single time we need to find an answer to a problem, we google it. Ok, I may refer to Google several times in this article, but it does not mean "google" in the strictest sense. What I'm trying to say is, we depend on the internet to answer our problems. 

So where does this information come from? The answer is really quite simple... It comes from experts in the field who have written a blog or an article based on the info you are actively seeking.  
Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a special skill set that makes you better than everyone else?

If you do, don't be afraid to tell people that you are good at your job! 
Let them know, that you know what you are talking about!

This will get you more business, and the best way to do it is to write about it. 
Let's say you own a landscaping company.  So your target audience probably understands the importance of keeping a healthy lawn, and probably even searches for info on the web about best yard care secrets.
Are you one the web giving out yard care advice? If not you should be.
It doesn't matter how pretty your website is... unless you're a photographer, you're pictures don't matter.  

Now granted you should make your website as pleasing to the eye as you can, but when its said and done if you don't have any relevant information about your field of expertise google will push your website to the bottom of the stack.  
Now,  as a small business internet consultant, I certainly don't want to give out all of my trade secrets, and you shouldn't either. But giving helpful advice never hurt anyone.  

So here goes, 

Number one.
You should have a website site allows you to post articles about your niche.

This is by far the most important thing you can do, These types of websites are called Content Management Systems. They give you the ability to add content to your website in an organized professional manner that Google can understand. 

Number 2 
make sure people can easily get in touch with you from your website.

It's a good practice to have your business contact info on the site as well as a contact form and email address.

Number 3
Have your phone number in multiple places on the site in plain view.

People LOVE seeing a phone number out front in bold print.
Make it super easy to contact you via phone, if they don't see a phone number they will move on!

Number 4
Provide a list of service areas to your website.

let your visitors know you cater to their area. Place a list of areas you service on the front page to make it easy for them to see that you are a local business. 

Number 5
Place a photo of yourself or staff on the site
People want to do business with other PEOPLE. Not a logo or name, but a person. But your best Sunday clothes on, take a picture and plaster it on your website. let people know who you are.


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