Business Websites


 (Business Website)

The most common website used to represent a business or service.


When designing these type of websites I use the very latest in CMS "Content Management Systems" and SEO strategies. By including article management systems, if properly managed, these types of websites can become leaders in their industry or niche.

I also take all the appropriate steps to ensure that all major search engines recognize and understand what the client's website is about.


For a website to rank well in search engine results from Google, Bing, and others, Not only does it need to have good quality content relating to the services offered by the business. It should also have all of the currently high ranking keywords and phrases for that industry in the meta-data fields for the site.

These are the search terms that people use when looking for information about a specific topic.  I have special tools that allow me to research a competitor's traffic as well as particular keywords and phrases that drive visitors to their website. I then place these same keywords, along with a few others that identify my clients business, in the appropriate places for the search engine to index. If the business owner has a physical location, I also take the required steps to list their business on the major search engines as well as google maps and even start the verification process for them.


In some cases, a client is just to busy to keep a website updated.

For these clients, I offer an article writing service provided by an established content creation agency. This agency is a leader in the field and has a proven track record for delivering high-quality content for website owners. Services range from fifty to one hundred dollars depending on the length of the article.


I also include a starter "SEO Boost" this a link building service that will include nine links/bookmarks to the business owners website.

Link building is the foundation for having a website that works for you and not just collecting dust on the internet.


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