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I can provide a full-featured e-commerce service solution completely integrated with square-up payment services. With QR code inventory adjustments for complete control of inventory whether the user is selling at an on-site location or online.  This IS NOT squares own e-commerce platform but instead a multi-featured e-commerce solution with virtually unlimited capabilities using additional modules. Products purchased at a physical location would not reflect as sales on the website, only a reduction in inventory for that product when scanned using a separate mobile application that is connected to the site for inventory adjustment only.

The inventory app can be used to add inventory also. This app is included in the order of an e-commerce website, but the barcode printing hardware is not.

 An e-commerce store is a significantly tremendous amount of work on my part as well as the business owner and will require a lasting relationship between myself and the website administrator, which I am happy to do.

 I will build the base platform for the store, but will not be responsible for the uploading of products. I will, however, be available every step of the way in helping them manage and configure their new e-commerce store.

I recently completed an e-commerce store for a Lularoe consultant in MD; this is the largest e-commerce store I have ever done, the site currently contains nearly 1000 items with more added every day. I am presently featuring the store on the front page of my site at Jamesweatherford.com

Available basic features:

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Categories

Product Reviews

Multiple shipping options

Sales reports

Administrator dashboard


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